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Thread: Looking for resources - returning to work

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    Default Looking for resources - returning to work

    Hi - can you point me to a book or website that will give me the low down on how to effectively return to work and keeping an exclusively breastmilk-fed-baby? (the boards here are great for specific issues - same w/kellymom.) I pumped exclusively for my son, but only before I went back to work. I'm returning to work in 4 wks and would like to continue to give my daughter breastmilk for as long as possible.

    Just a fair warning - I tend to provide a lot of information in posts so you have background

    I had an Ameda Purely Yours double eletric pump that served me tremendously well for my son, but broke on me for this baby. I've been using a Medela PISA for when I do pump now, but it's not often. I was thinking of just purchasing the motor part of the Ameda since I have so many parts for it already. The Medela is a loaner.

    I'm told that the Medela is so much better/strong than the Ameda, but I'm having issues. I've been battling thrush since she's born (8wks now). I tried pumping to lessen contact and try to get rid of the thrush. Over a 12 -15 hr period, I pumped every 2 hrs for 20-25 mins. The first session I was pumping enough for 2 bottles - by the end, I wasn't even getting enough for 1 bottle. I stopped b/c I didn't want to screw up my supply. I did not have these issues w/my son w/the Ameda. But maybe it's not the pump and it's me.

    So I'm looking to educate myself on what to do, what not to do, so that I don't screw up my supply and be unable to feed her. I don't think I should try to build a stash now b/c of the thrush. (I'm much better, but she still has white pinpoints in her mouth even after an extended round of diflucan for her and I'm still on it)

    Not returning to work is not an option. I'll be gone approximately 10 hrs each day. I have an office, so a place to pump at work is not a problem, but time may be. I won't know how feasible it is until I go back. But I want to set myself up as best as I can.

    I'm looking to learn whether I should take supplements for a greater supply or do something specific, etc. Any direction(s) you can send me would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your patience in reading my novel!

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    Default Re: Looking for resources - returning to work

    Hi! Got your message, so I tracked down this thread - forum has been hopping the past few days!

    If you are the type who likes to read books, then I highly recommend Working Mother, Nursing Mother. This book is basically attachment parenting for working moms. I love it. It really helped me ease the transition back to work, which was emotionally tough! (I read it WHILE pumping, of course. )

    One thing about your pumping experience: It's really normal to pump a lot in the morning, and less in the afternoon/evening. That doesn't necessarily mean your supply is tanking. Even after pumping every day at work for months, my morning session got me twice as milk as my afternoon session.

    So make sure you have a place to pump, and enough breaks to do so, that's the biggest thing. Try not to obsess over quantity - you're going to have some great pumping days and some so-so days.

    I used the Medela PIS, and it worked great for me. If it doesn't seem like it's working that well, make sure that your flanges are the right size for your nipples. Also, make sure everything is plugged in and put together really firmly. I would sometimes feel like, man, the suction is terrible! And then realize that I hadn't pushed the tubes and plug in securely enough! That makes a big difference.

    The hardest part of going back to work is not pumping - pumping was actually fine for me - a bit of a chore, but no big deal. The hard part is missing your baby!! And for that, I can only say, it does get a little easier over time. But it's hard. I tried to make pumping more fun by bringing a fun novel to read while pumping - I did not usually work while pumping.

    ETA: That book has a bunch of tips on increasing pump output that I use so religiously I forgot about them, like doing breast compressions, shooting for a second letdown, and even a really weird one that totally works - take a break and SHAKE your boobs, then hook back on. It works to stimulate a letdown!!
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    Default Re: Looking for resources - returning to work

    There's some good information on Consumer Reports' website you might find useful:


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    Default Re: Looking for resources - returning to work

    there is lots of info here at the web site..
    in the gray bar at that top pick resources
    and then there will be a place to click for how to make my return to work easy.
    how many more weeks before you return to work?

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