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Thread: Will i ever stop pumping?

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    Default Will i ever stop pumping?

    I started when my DS was 3 mo old... that was almost 3 months ago. Gosh it seems like forever! lol So i've seen improvement in produciton but my flow isnt as great thought with minimal improvement. I dont know if you mamas wonder if you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've tried funnel and breast compressions and sometimes they work but rarely. The pump does a great job on getting my milk out... i just it was the same with the baby. So my baby is shy a few days of being 6 months old and really it's only been 3 months of pumping... but it has taken a toll on my emotional self. Did u ever see the light?

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    Default Re: Will i ever stop pumping?

    I hear you and want to know the same thing! My 8mth old DD is on a strike thanks to a hormonal change in me. She has only recently started taking my bm from a cup/bottle which is encouraging but at the same time I don't want nipple preference problems ontop of the strike!

    Hope you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm pumping because I never really had a great supply to begin with and I'm trying to up my supply..

    Jarred - 12/June/2007 - BF for 3 months - stopped due to medical reasons
    Lilly - 4/May/2010 BF for 8 months - On strike between 1/1/2011 - 29/3/2011 - That's 12 Weeks and 3 days!! It is FINALLY over!
    Together we battle with Cows milk, nuts and soya allergies, but we're making it!
    We , , and too, but we had problems..
    EP'ED for 3 months!
    Thomas born Feb 14th 2015 by emcs due to him presenting sideways with a hand first! Trying EBF again!

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