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Thread: Food allergy?

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    Default Food allergy?

    Ever since we pretty much weaned, and started whole cows milk, we also use organic her cheeks look like they are red and spoctchly all the time. Could this be a allgery to whole cows milk?
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    Could be. Lots of babies are sensitive to cows' milk protein.

    Is it cold where you are? Both my babies had blotchy red cheeks in the winter from the cold and dryness.

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    Or it could be eczema, which can be caused by food allergies, or it can be caused by environmental allergies, or other issues. Joe has ezcema, but no food allergies that we can determine (that is, it does not get worse when he eats certain foods). It make his cheeks red and splotchy, almost like roseacea, so your description reminded me of this ...

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