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How far is your workplace from home or daycare? Would your employer be supportive of extended breaks to leave and go nurse vs. having to leave EBM?
Extended breaks are the issue with even getting pumping sessions in so I won't be able to get home My hubby will bring LO to me so I will replace a pumping session at work with a nursing session whenever we can swing it to avoid EBM.

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i have the same problem with shift work, but mostly work overnights. i'm hoping to be able to pump every 3-4 hours at work, but it will depend on how busy we are.i started pumping in the morning yesterday and got 6 ounces between yesterday and today....
how many ounces is she likely to need in 14 hours i'm away at a time?
I copied the link to kellymom (just below) that has a great calculator for how much milk you'll need per feeding based on how often they are eating in a day. My LO's needs range based on which shift...on an overnight (12p-8a) I can get away with enough for 2 feedings since I only miss ~3a and 6a. During the daytime shifts though, I miss up to 4 or 5 feedings in the 10 hours I'm gone so it varies. Good luck with going back so soon and finding the time to pump Hopefully you won't be too busy!!!

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Thanks to everyone for the advice! I like the idea of mini-goals - seems so much more doable

I'm working on making sure I have that 3 day supply for the conference. Pumping while nursing won't work with DD1 - she's way too curious and that would wind up stressing me even more - but I started doing a double pump session after her early AM feed today and got ~3.5 oz.