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Thread: Tis the season

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    Unhappy Tis the season

    Hello everyone.

    I haven't been around for awhile, but I had my baby boy on 9/17. He is happy and healthy and we are doing GREAT with BF.

    However, my Hubby is a teacher, my older kids are in school, everyone has been sick, well guess what!! I got whatever it is on Saturday, and I've been down ever since.

    My question is Tylenol isn't working anymore, what else can I take while BF? I my pp appointment with my OB on Weds, but I need to do something now, I'm so weak I can barely pick up the baby, or my head for that matter!

    Any suggestions? Thanks everyone.


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    With the approval of your physician, you could take ibuprofen (advil/motrin). I find it works much better than Tylenol. Your doctor can tell you how much you should take. HTH!

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    And Dayquil. Dayquil really can help!

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