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Thread: Return of period?

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    Default Return of period?

    Ok, I've been freaking about my lack of production. I've been pumping and feeding every 2 - 3 hours around the clock - with about a 3 hr straight sleep twice overnight - for 3 days and I have yet to produce 15 oz of milk on a given day.

    I figure Squirt is gonna need 15 (yes, I'm away from her THAT long for work/commute) and I'm only getting a MAX of 10 in a day right now.

    I have been drinking Mother's Milk tea for a week (3x day) and have increased my water by about double - about 48oz a day.

    I go back to work tomorrow and am ready to cry already since I know the milk she's taking to daycare tomorrow is from 2 days of pumping. <sigh>

    I will only be able to pump 3x at work and plan to pump in the car each way (commute is over an hour ) I figure she'll want the boob all night once I get home so I didn't plan to pump at night.

    So, my period showed up today. I had a clue it was coming since I've been having headaches and breaking out, but I got my confirmation......

    How much does THAT have to do with my crappy production? Do you think it will get better once my body settles from that hormonal shift?

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    Default Re: Return of period?

    oh, mama. sounds like you're doing all the right things. you're cosleeping, right? And pumping as many times as you can. I too got my period very early post partum despite constant feeding and pumping. Not expected, but it definitely had an effect on my supply. I think (eek, can't remember quite right) mfertility returned about 6 or 8 weeks post partum, which is early. The effect on supply really only came a few days before my period started and returned to normal one or two days after it started.

    I DID take fenugreek 4 capsules, 3x a day (so 12 caps) because it's actually pretty uncommon to resume menstruation that early, and it's hard when trying to work and maintain that. The key with fenugreek is to take enough to have your pee smell like maple syrup.

    Lots of other Mamas do just oatmeal and that works for them. So you may want to try that, too.

    The other thing I have to say is that you will pump more when you're away from your little one. I promise. Bring a picture, bring our phone with videos, bring something that smells like LO and take it to where you pump.

    I thought for sure I'd never make it to a year pumping while at work for my little guy, but i did. Sometimes by the skin of our teeth, but we made it. And it gets easier and easier every day, i promise.
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    Default Re: Return of period?

    Supply usually tanks out prior to the period but you should see it rebound shortly. I could even tell that it was back up teh night before the bleeding actually began but I didn't have pumping output to tell me since she was just nursing.

    Only other thing that struck me is maybe you aren't getting enough water still? 48 oz seems low to me, maybe others will chime in here. I usually drink about a 100 oz a day.
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