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    I'm not sure where is best to post this so I'll start here. First let me say I'm not ready to wean unless it ends up that it is the best option.

    I am looking for some advice and your opinion on what to do while gone on vacation. My son is 16 months and nurses usually 3-4 times during the day and once early in the morning before he gets up for the day. We are going out of the country in April for 11 days and are not going to be taking him with us. It was a very hard decision and I'm sure I'll be agonizing the whole time we're gone, but it was the best decision for everyone. Anyway, I'm also 12 weeks pregnant. I still really like breastfeeding my son and if we weren't leaving for such a long time, I would just continue to let him dictate when and for how long he wants to nurse. I am not opposed to tandem nursing.
    I feel like I have a couple options but have no idea what would be best and this is where I'm hoping to have your opinion.
    1. to gradually wean him before we go and not plan to resume when we return?
    2. just leave cold turkey and hope he resumes when we come back?
    3. gradually wean him and try to resume when we get back?

    any advice and opinions are greatly appreciated. I did read adventures in tandem nursing and it was a great book.
    Thanks a bunch!!

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    Default Re: weaning question

    I would go with number 3. It wouldn't hurt to try and come back to nurse.
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    Default Re: weaning question

    I would go with option 2. I would want to maintain the nursing relationship as long as possible and I wouldn't want to combine the shock of a long separation from his parents with weaning.

    You will probably want to bring a pump or at least hand express to keep from getting engorged and risking plugged ducts or mastitis.

    Many mothers lose their milk supply when they are pregnant, so it's possible he may begin to wean himself over the next few months.
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    Default Re: weaning question

    If he's like my baby, he does fine without nursing when I'm not around, and is happy to pick it up when I get back ... I would probably try to do something similar if I had to leave overnight.

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    Yay, thanks mamas! I left him overnight with the friend I'm leaving him with and he woke up in the night and asked for milk (signs) but she cuddled him and he went back to sleep. He's actually been nursing less and less, sometimes only once a day, sometimes three. But when I pump at work I'm only getting 0.5 to 1.5 oz per breast so between him nursing less and being prego I think it's on the way out anyway. The lactation nurse I work with said the same thing about maybe he'll just wean himself in the next couple months. So I'm glad to have a little feedback from you all so now I know I can just keep going with letting him lead. I'll just go and hope he starts when we get back if not, then I have 3 months of boobs to myself, and no pumping at work!

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