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Thread: is it too late?

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    Default is it too late?

    I have a 6 week old little boy. I tried nursing but we had weight loss issues, etc. I have been pumping since week 1. Im now on week 7. When I pump, Im lucky if I get 1 oz collectively. I will get more in the morning. I have to be honest, I haven't been really good at doing it every 3 hours in the pass few weeks. But I really want to continue if there is a chance I can produce more.

    I have done the following:Worked with a lactation nurse. Mothers love, which I still take, Reglan, (I stopped). Today I went and bought the Special K drinks and real oatmeal. Is my supply as good as it's going to get? Is there any way to boost at this point. I would love to nurse him, but he has had a bottle so long I know it will never work. Is it time to just quit?

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    It's never too late! Is he gaining weight now? When you say worked with a lactation lady, what did that entail? Did he not latch properly? How often/long are you pumping?

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    Also, how much are you nursing?
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