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Thread: Breast are "low" in milk supply

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    Question Breast are "low" in milk supply

    Ok, this will sound stupid but I was sick and had to take pseudoephedrine - did not nurse baby while taking it but did pump to try to keep supply up. Before getting sick I had over supply so I have been a milk donor. My baby only likes to nurse when my breast are full and the flow is fast. I pump after her feedings to keep the supply up. After being sick my supply is barely enough to keep her happy. Unfortunately, since my supply is down to "just enough" she is a fussy nurser. She will latch on and suckle twice and then pull off and scream. This happens again and again until letdown occurs. When letdown is flowing well she nurses and is happy but as soon as it starts to slow down she screams and pulls off again. If is frustrating both of us and I can't imagine doing this long term.

    I nursed my first baby for almost 2 years and this one is only 6 months old. She acts like she is trying to self wean and I really would be sad is she weaned at 6 months. I had decided that I would nurse her until she self weans just as I did with my first LO. Sure, it would be much easier on me not to pump at work but not this soon!

    Is there anything I can do to get my oversupply back again?
    I want to nurse my baby. I want to donate extra milk to NICU babies. I do not want to wean this early. Help....Please!
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    Default Re: Breast are "low" in milk supply

    Sounds frustrating! I am pretty sure babies do not self wean this early. Maybe be less interested because of eating solids and crawling and even nursing strikes. It sounds like you are doing the right thing with pumping. But your body also regulates to fit babies needs, not necessarily 'dropping' in supply. So you may not get your OS back. I think 6 months is also a prime time for growth spurts. How long has she been acting like this?

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    I am going through the exact same thing right now only I took menthol cough drops not knowing any better -> Went from over supply to my supply barely enough for my baby - maybe even a little low.. I have been trying extra pumping to get back but it seems like I end up giving that milk right back to my baby in a bottle at the next feeding.

    I don't have any great words to ease your worries however:
    I have heard my friends go through the same stage(babies only happy during letdown), without their moms supply dropping due to sickness especially at 6 months! So it could be lots of things - growth spurt -developmental etc.

    I am guessing with OS you block feed, so I would double pump every two hours, eat oatmeal, stay hydrated and wait for your baby. My son unlatches and fusses when letdown stops but if I leave the breast out he tends to roll back and try again when his tummy reminds him he's still hungry.

    I think half of it is a phase- and I totally understand the panic of going from OS to potentially low.

    I might drink a dark beer tonight to ease the stress and help the boobies!
    Every successful letdown tells your body that more milk is needed.

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