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Thread: rash on nipple and baby

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    Default rash on nipple and baby

    Now I am really worried. I have had a clogged milk duct and a cracked nipple now for weeks. I then developed mastitis and have finished 7 days of antibiotics.

    My baby developed a rash around her neck and on her ears which has now spread all over her temples, cheeks and even a couple on the eyelids. The main area where it started on the neck and ears is completely red and has little raised bumps. I have called the doc twice and they are convinced it's infant acne. Now, I have the same rash on my nipples. I took a diflucan yesterday to help with a yeast infection from the antibiotics. Is all this related and can the rash on baby and me also be yeast? I hope it's nothing serious, and I am going to try to get in to see the doc tomorrow.

    I almost forgot to mention 2 things...
    dd has reflux and has been on Zantac for 6 days now
    I am about to read about overactive let down since I have tons of milk or at least I think I do

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    Default Re: rash on nipple and baby

    Babies can get yeast infections on their skin. I saw it once on a friend's baby -- it was quite bright red, very puffy and painful, sort of shiny-looking, and in her case it originated in those deep folds of skin on her neck, where a young baby tends to always be damp.

    The antibiotics you've been taking do increase your risk of a yeast infection on your nipples (called thrush), and it can be passed to your daughter that way -- but this usually takes the form of oral thrush or thrush in the diaper area. Does your daugher's rash appear painful to the touch?

    It also may be an allergic reaction, not a yeast infection. It spreading to the cheeks and eyelids makes me think allergic reaction, as these are areas that don't tend to stay moist -- they get exposure to air all the time.

    Either way -- I think you would be wise to get your daughter examined as soon as possible.

    I don't want to alarm you ... but in case it is an allergic reaction, you should be alert to signs of respiratory distress, and go to an emergency room if that develops.

    I'm sorry you and your daughter are having such a rough start. Try to hang in there; hopefully these initial problems will soon be a distant memory.


    I'm sorry you're suffering through all these problems.

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