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Thread: mom and baby on antibiotics?

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    Quick question. I have strep throat and am on penicillin vk. Baby (7 month old) got a fever a few days later and her doc put her on amoxicillin. Now she has diarrhea and I am thinking she is getting way too much antibiotic!! Has anyone ever been on an antibiotic with their nursing baby on one two.

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    BOTH of you should be taking probiotics.

    For baby - I mix some powder with some breastmilk and give it to baby using a dropper.
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    The diarrhea is likely the side-effect of the antibiotic. Weigh the risks and benefits. My nearly 5 month old son and I were both recently on antibiotics for bronchitis - I knew he needed the medicine as he was just getting more and more sick by the 5th day. I agree with the suggestion for using a probiotic supplement (for yourself too!). Probiotics are the "friendly" bacteria that naturally occur in your digestive system, which protect your overall health and immune system, but are wiped out by any antibiotic. It is important to reinstate this bacteria after any round of antibiotics. You can give it while on the antibiotics or as soon as he finishes his meds. I bought a probiotic powder for children (made by 'RenewLife' - called FLORABABY. I give him 1/3 of the recommended amount, as it is suggested for 1+year olds. He wouldn't take it in a liquid (breastmilk or water) due to the funny taste, so, again, weighing risk w/ benefit, it mixed it in maye a 1/2 tsp. of rice cereal. and feed it with a spoon. I think a 1/2 tsp. of rice cereal is worth getting those probiotics into him.

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