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Thread: Just started solids--poop question

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    Default Just started solids--poop question


    We started DS on rice cereal when he was about 4 months old, giving it to him periodically. At six months, we started giving him, in addition to rice cereal, oatmeal, barley cereal, and veggies.

    So, now that he's getting two solid meals per day (one veggie and one cereal), his poop has really changed. He no longer poops every day. When he was EBF, he pooped at least once per day, and it was almost always a blow-out. Also, the consistency is more like toothpaste now whereas it used to be your typical breastfed poopy. I don't think he's straining to go, but it is a lot thicker than before. I'm not sure if this change might indicate a decrease in his milk intake since at his last pedi. visit, he also dropped a little in his weight gain. My LC is going to do an intake measure just in case next week.

    My question is, is this poop normal? I'm unsure if I'm going too fast too soon with solids since he's only 7 months old now. I called the pedi. about this, and the nurse suggested I offer him prune juice to keep him going more regularly, but I tend to not always be sure with the solutions they give me due to prior experiences.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Just started solids--poop question

    That is what my LO is doing to. She went from 4 poops a day to 1 a day, sometimes everyother day. The ladies here tell me that prunes, pears and plums are good for relieving constipation (but it doesn't sound like your little one is) and to cut down on cereals as they are constipating due to the added iron. Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Just started solids--poop question

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    Default Re: Just started solids--poop question

    This sounds entirely normal. As babies start to eat more solids, their poop changes to more of an adult consistency. It would be nice to see a 1x/day poop frequency, but I don't think it's de rigeur, especially as long as your baby's poops are still soft and he isn't in pain or straining when he poops. But if you're concerned, offer more veggies and fruits and cut out some of the cereals, particularly the rice cereal since rice is highly constipating.

    I'm not sure if this change might indicate a decrease in his milk intake since at his last pedi. visit, he also dropped a little in his weight gain. My LC is going to do an intake measure just in case next week.
    As the baby eats more solids, he eats less milk. It's natural. A drop in the weight for age percentiles around 6 months is also very normal for breastfed babies, as they become increasingly mobile and expend more calories on reaching/rolling/crawling/sitting/etc., instead of packing those calories on as fat. As long as your baby is nursing at least 6 times a day and seems satisfied at the breast, I wouldn't bother with an intake measurement. One measurement is not a great way to estimate overall intake or supply, since a baby may take in a lot more or a lot less milk than average when at the LC's office. If you're really concerned about milk intake, watch your baby's wet diapers (If you see enough of those he's getting enough milk) and if you're really freaked out, think about renting a scale and doing home measurements. A day or two of home measurements will tell you way more than a snapshot measurement done at the LC's.

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    Default Re: Just started solids--poop question

    Sounds normal - as your LO eats more solids their poop will start looking more like yours. Also normal to see large bits of food that haven't been chewed well coming thru in poop.
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    Default Re: Just started solids--poop question

    The same thing happened to my LO but the poop started coming only every 5 or 6 days instead of every day! I got a lot of good advice from these forums, and now finally the poop is starting to get a little more "regular" (after close to 2 months). I kind of feel like she needed to "learn" how to push out firmer poops, since before they were so liquidy I doubt she had to try at all. Anyways, I now give her prune puree about every other day to every day (it has worked out a lot better than juices for us) and it keeps her going about every 3 days. Also, another mama on the forum suggested giving a bit of water with solids, and I believe that has really helped too. I also with pp about more fruits and veggies helping out, we stayed away from cereals and that seems to have helped too. Have you tried avocado yet? DD hated it at first, but now she loves it!
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    Default Re: Just started solids--poop question

    I just want to make sure everyone knows that it is recommended to Exclusively breast (or formula) feed for the first 6 months to allow for the lining of the intestines to develop.

    That being said. If you are worried, skip a day of feeding and offer only bm. It will get things moving along. Also make sure you offer the breast first or before the meal so the LO is not overloaded on solids. Solids should be for experimentation. Breast (or formula) provides all the nutrition needed with an exception of iron and vit D.
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