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Thread: How much solids at ten months?

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    Default How much solids at ten months?

    My daughter is a little over ten months old, and I'm wondering if she's getting the right balance of solids/bm right now. She started solids very slowly at seven months--took to it right away and loves most foods--and now eats two meals a day (lunch and dinner) plus some snacks. She also nurses six-seven times a day.
    Now that she's getting towards the year mark, I'm wondering if its time to add another meal (that is, a full breakfast). How much solids should she really be getting at this stage (I know she will eat more if I offer it to her most likely). And I guess nursing will probably taper down a bit from now on? FTM here so really am pretty clueless about this transition.

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    Default Re: How much solids at ten months?

    According to my pediatrician, until baby is a year old breastmilk or formula meet all a baby's nutritional needs, and solids are just for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. You want breastmilk to make up the majority of your baby's diet until she's about a year old because breastmilk is a balanced source of everything your baby needs for optimal growth- unlike solids, which are great but not as balanced.

    As long as your baby is nursing at least 4-5 times a day- and she's nursing more than that- her needs for breastmilk are probably being met. Since she's nursing enough, I say go right ahead and add in breakfast if you want. But don't feel like you have to be offering it. And remember: until a ear, nurse first and offer solids second.

    Your baby's nursing will taper down, but how fast that happens is very individual. Some babies nurse like newborns until well into their second year, and some rapidly transition to a majority-solids diet and cut down on nursing sessions.

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