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Thread: Baby favors one side

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    Default Baby favors one side

    My DS has been on a nursing strike for about 3 1/2 weeks . I think we are towards the end of this strike, as Noah is gradually starting to nurse while he is awake and alert instead of when he is asleep. It seems that he will only nurse on the right side and he will start to get really upset when I try to nurse him on the left side. He will push me away and scream the moment I lay him down to nurse on the left side (I am amazed at how strong he is!). Has anyone experienced having their baby favor one side over the other? I know that I produce more milk on the right side, but I really want him to nurse on the left side as well so that I can keep my supply up.

    Thank you .
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    My dd did that for a while when she was little I had to trick her into taking the other breast. If there is a hold that works use it.
    I would get her going good on the one she liked beter and then quickly switch her over to the other side. As long as I didn't move her too slowly and kept most of her body on the boppy she would nurse on the least liked side.
    don't be afraid to call your local lll leader she might have some tricks to use.


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    I have the same problem and one breast has become significantly larger. It seems like the only time that I can get my baby to bf on the least favorite side is when he is sleepy and passive.

    I found this article on the La Leche League website. It is a question and answer article that states:

    "When I pump I find that one breast produces more milk than the other. Is something wrong? Every woman's breasts are a little different, and since humans are not symmetrical, breasts aren't either. It is common for one breast to have more milk-producing tissue than the other. In fact, sometimes babies will prefer the more- or the less-productive breast, and this is perfectly normal."


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