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Thread: Really worried about return to work next week

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    Default Really worried about return to work next week

    I go back to work next week and I'm trying to fill up the freezer. I only have about 30 oz in there now and am freaking out!

    Yesterday she went to daycare for 7.5 hrs and drank 10 oz. That's in the range I expected (7.5 - 11.25). I sent 11 oz.

    While I was away from her yesterday, I pumped twice and got a whopping 5 oz. I pumped a little more when she was down for her nap and got another oz.

    Today, I've been getting an oz here and there and have nursed constantly (every 1.5 hrs or so) and pumped also.

    I'm totally freaked that I'm not going to be able to produce enough next week and my freezer stash will disappear in the first couple of days.

    I did get some Mothers Milk tea and have been doing 2 cups a day for 2 days. I haven't noticed the maple syrup smell in my pee or a change in my output. How long will it take for that to kick in?

    I'm nursing as frequently as she is hungry (and even when she's just fussy a little) and pumping between or when she naps. She does snuggle with me all night and she seems to be constantly on the breast.

    What else can I do?

    Will I be ok next week?

    Someone talk me off the ledge!

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    Default Re: Really worried about return to work next week

    you are not going to get enough pumping 2 times, she probably ate 4 or 5, so for a while you will have to match that. you CAN do this. Today i had a "i hate pumping" day, and only pumped once. it gets in the way somedays and you get frustrated. But i am the only person you can do this for my baby, Walmart doesnt carry BM, KWIM?? you should ask your DC how many times baby ate and try to match it as closely as possible. Also, if baby allows time in the AM, try to pump when u wake up, that is an extra session, it may help boost supply and give u a cushion. You can do this mamma, I did it for a year, and now I am on baby and year # 2, if my lazy butt can do it, it can be done

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