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Thread: Milk supply way down at 9 months

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    Just chiming in to say we are at 9 months and I have been wondering about my supply, too. Must be common...I think I remember it with my older ds, too. I ordered some More Milk Plus to see if I need a little boost. 9 months is usually about the time for another growth spurt, too, right?
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    I am experiencing the same thing! At 9mo I have noticed a dip in my pumping output as well. I do think eating more solids has a lot to do with it. I remember this exact thing happening with DS1 at around 10mo and I freaked out, stressing about every drop. I also didn't have a big stash in the freezer like I do now. I agree with adding another pumping, eating oatmeal, lots of water, etc. You could also cut back on the solids a bit and have baby nurse more. It'll be ok, you're doing great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sonjuanja View Post
    I've run into this in the last week, LO just turned 9 months on 1.9.11. I increased my water intake in the last week and it has seemed to help as well as nursing sessions. I'm INCREDIBLY thirsty and drinking about 2 gallons of water/day and still thirsty. I have not started my period yet, but wondering if it will happen soon as I've had lots of ECM for several weeks. Sorry if it's TMI.
    Did your supply come back up? How many days was it down. I am on day 4 now. Plus LO is teething big time so is eating less anyways. What timing!!

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