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    Uhm...Pardon my bad english.

    I have a 3 week old B/B. I started nursing the first week, but I have a problem in my spine and I couldnt handle the backpain. So I've been pumping for two weeks now, and bottle-feeding it to my baby. I make 4oz every 3hr 1/2...

    Sooo...is that alright!? I feel like I'm not producing enough milk...Even tough I'm taking a natural supplement for increasing breastmilk production.

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    Here is a really good article about how much and how often you should be pumping to build and maintain a good supply of milk in the early weeks. The key points are:

    • aim for 25-27 ounces per day
    • pump 8-10 times per day, 30 minutes per session
    • don't go more than 5-6 hours without pumping

    Here is a good article about how much milk baby needs. Most babies take about 25 ounces per day between 1 and 6 months.
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    Would a nursing pillow like the My Brest Friend, which secures around you, help at all with your back pain? http://www.mybrestfriend.com/products/original-pillow
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