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Thread: How long does it take for supply to return after taking OTC meds for cold/sinus

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    Question How long does it take for supply to return after taking OTC meds for cold/sinus

    Hi All,

    I am just getting over a bad cold and sinus infection. I had to take OTC meds, nursed less (pumped as much as I could). The side effect is that my milk supply has taken a Huge hit and I'm not even making enough for my LO to be happy. I'm nursing as often as she will and pumping extra. How long will it be before I get a decent supply back? (Before getting sick I had more than I needed so I have beed a milk donor)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: How long does it take for supply to return after taking OTC meds for cold/sinus

    Each mother and baby pair are different but at 6 months of age, if your daughter has been thriving on breastfeeding exclusively and if she is a lustful nurser, your supply should not have dipped to the point where you needed to supplement. so this unexpected dip in your supply could be unrelated to the otc meds.
    1. Did you heretofore rely on pumping to maintain your supply ?
    2. could you be pregnant?
    3. Did your daughter catch a cold too, and is her nose clogged?
    As you know supplementation can impact the baby's willingness to nurse long and vigorously enough to keep up an ample supply.
    Nurse a lot at night and nurse her in between regular feedings. see if she is willing to suckle before she gets hungry.
    your milk supply can rebound in as little as over the weekend if you get back into bed with baby and nurse like you have no other care in the world. no laundry, no outings, just snuggle time in bed.
    good luck and good health.
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    Default Re: How long does it take for supply to return after taking OTC meds for cold/sinus

    What kind of OTC med did you take?

    The one that is most often associated with drops in milk supply is pseudoephedrine, the original ingredient in Sudafed. In the US you have to ask for it at the pharmacy and sign for it, and in many countries it's available by prescription only.

    Most other ingredients in OTC cold medicine aren't known to cause milk supply problems (anecdotally, I've heard moms say they thought antihistamines might have affected their supply, but there's no data that shows it to be common).

    Being sick can mess with your supply all by itself. You might get dehydrated, or not be able to nurse as often, or if your baby is sick she might not be asking to nurse as much, or might not be nursing as effectively as usual.

    Either way, it sounds like you're doing the right things! Your supply will most likely return to normal levels within a few days.
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