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Thread: Leaving bf toddler for the first time

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    If you pump, you'll be fine. I've known a few Mom's to go on week long trips and their LO's picked right up where they left off.

    They also pumped and dumped so they could "partake in the festivities". They had a great time, they reconnected with their DH's and their LO's did fine as well. Go for it! Maui will be INCREDIBLE!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sadie04 View Post
    I have the opportunity to join my husband on an all expense paid trip to Maui later this month. I was planning to go however now I am having second thoughts! My son is soon to be 17 months old and is still nursing 4-5 times a day. He is drinking cows milk and eating plenty of solids, so that isn't a concern. However I am afraid he'll wean while I am gone. I have worked so hard to nurse him for this long and would like to continue until he is at least 2. Is the trip worth it? I am thinking perhaps I should just stay home!!!!
    I could have written this post exactly, except instead of Maui, insert Tulsa, OK... not as exciting, LOL! But my trip is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm so afraid DS will wean while I'm gone.
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    I'd go on an expense paid trip to Maui. And I have never actually been away from my 5 year old overnight. (We took him with us to Maui last year. ) BUT don't let the idea of him weaning while away be the reason you don't go. He will more than likely climb right into your lap reconnect and then ignore you for two days to let you know he's mad you left. But it will be fine. Expense paid trips to Hawaii, how often do THOSE come around???

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