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    Help please! Yesterday my baby turned 2 weeks old and I suddenly lost the milk supply in my right breast. I have had no issues with nursing from the minute he was born. [I was trying to switch off which side I started feeding from each feeding to keep things even since initially it was hard to tell how much/long he would eat from each side. All I can think of is that maybe I lost track and fed him from the left first, two feedings in a row, and possibly, as sometimes happens at night, I may have fallen asleep and switched sides too late. Though I wouldn't think this would effect my supply to this extent. I feel soft and empty all the time on the right and feel no sensation on the right while I feel my left side filling up before a feeding.] Since noticing this yesterday, I have been starting all feedings on the right to try to stimulate production without any success. I can see some milk come out when I squeeze my right breast and my baby sucks for as long as I make him on that side but when I take him off the right he cries which tells me he's still really hungry because he never did that before (Before this issue, even if he'd go on to eat another 5-7 minutes on the 2nd side, he'd never cry when I take him off the 1st side). Last night, I tried pumping the right side after 2 feedings for as long as I could tolerate it- it made me sore (another issue I haven't had, assuming its b/c of the lack of milk)- but got out less than an 1/8 of an oz each time despite pumping for 5-10 minutes. Meantime, my left breast feels full all the time- I'm assuming it is overproducing to make up for the right or b/c since yesterday he has been sucking more out of it stimulating new milk production... Next feeding I plan on trying to pump the right while he eats from the left to see how much is actually in there- though I hesitated to do this because then he is less likely to suck well on that side. Please help ASAP-I feel like the longer I am stuck like this, the harder it will be to get out of this situation!

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    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby!

    As long as you are feeding on demand, seeing adequate wet and poopy diaper output (here's a handy reference: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/enough-milk.html), and seeing adequate weight gain, what you describe should probably not concern you.

    Most women start out overproducing milk. It's nature's way of making absolutely certain the baby or babies get fed. But after a while, your body detects that milk is being left in the breast after the baby is done nursing, and it starts cutting down on the excess production. Making extra milk is a waste of energy and puts you at increased risk for plugged ducts and mastitis, so the adjustment of supply to meet demand is actually a desirable event.

    When supply adjusts to meet demand, many women notice that they stop feeling "full," stop leaking or at least leak less, and that their letdown sensation diminishes or disappears. This can happen in both breasts simultaneously, or can affect only one breast. Despite the new empty feeling, there is milk in the breast, and assuming your baby is nursing well, he is capable of getting it if you just allow him unrestricted access. You probably do not need to pump. And since pumping is NOT a good gauge of supply (Every mom responds differently to the pump, pumps vary in efficacy, pumping is a learned skill, pump output varies widely based on when you pump, etc.), pumping instead of nursing will not really tell you much about how much your baby is getting at the breast.

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