Anyone have better results with one vs the other?

I think I saw a thread a while back that mentioned one being better than the other.

I have reached out to my LC from our hospital and she suggested that I may want to try Fenugreek to help me out.

Since going back to work, my supply is a little better than it was at home, but I'm still only getting 12-14 ounces.

She also suggested I power pump on my commute home - that's about 1.5 hrs. I have plenty of time to pull it off. I was pumping anyways, so I'll just change the technique.

She also suggested that I try starting my sessions with fast speed and then decrease and then go fast again for a few min and then decrease speed.

All sounds good - anything i can do to avoid an actual rx makes me happy.

Oh, and I'm doing about 10-12 glasses of water a day now. Maybe that's why I have another 3 or so ounces since returning to work full time? <shrug>