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Thread: Could extended breastfeeding be making me sick???

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    Default Could extended breastfeeding be making me sick???

    Hi. I have had unexplained nausea for a month now and my husband is convinced it's from our darling daughter "sucking the life out of me" as he puts it!
    She is 20mths and has turned into a major boobie monster demanding milk all day. she is very active and quite a handful so it's a welcome break when she wants to sit and nurse and i get to sit down and have a quiet cuddle with her but i wonder if while i'm resting she is actually 'draining me' physically more than i realise.
    I fed my eldest till she was over 3 and never had any problems but that was never really on demand, just morning, night and nap time. With #2 it's very much on demand and she is demanding often! It doens't feel like she is actually drinking much, just having a cuddle really, but maybe she is and i just don't realise.
    I have been to the doctor and had blood tests and having more but so far it's a bit mysterious. i feel nauseous and exhausted and am losing weight.
    I would love to keep feeding her till 3 like her sister and weaning would be an absolute nightmare.
    Has anyone had anything similar??
    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Could extended breastfeeding be making me sick???

    could you be pg?????
    that was the 1st thing that came to my mind.

    I have very low lron and it makes me tired like that. Taking a natural iron helps alot.

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    Default Re: Could extended breastfeeding be making me sick???

    with Andrea. If you nursed your first without incident, I'd be surprised if toddler nursing were causing a problem the second time round. And IMHO, caring for 2 kids is much more stressful and physically draining than nursing them.

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