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Thread: Still to much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ's Mom View Post
    The 1st sign that he was learning to "deal w/ it" was the "pop off". He would suck a few times and then pop off and stare at my breast and then go back and suck a few more time and pop back off. He did this in ANTICIPATION of a very strong let down and didn't want to get caught in a wave. The next thing he did was start to click. He's a clicker He uses his tongue to control the milk flow so that it doesn't overwhelm him.

    The popping off and the clicking are two signs I know of that you can look for that can mean your baby already has started to! Good luck everyone!
    Wyatt has seemed to always click and I was worried it was signs of thrush. So its okay if he clicks?? That is good..and he does pop off ALOT! Which is partly why I am nervous about NIP because he does that and I need to see to latch him back on . Thanks DJ's Mom for the extra tips And yes, I would rather have too much milk then not enough...but I was so frustrated the other day when he wouldn't eat for almost 8 hours!!!!! Things have been going more smoothly though yesterday and last night it seemed he just wanted to eat all night! I think we are on the right track...

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    Yeah, NIP is fun when DS pops on and off! Now that he's 4 months and very distractible - it is worse. Popping on and off doesn't bother me as much as popping off and crying and not going back on, even though I know he didn't eat enough.

    And though he does better with a side-lying position, he does okay with a normal sitting position, so that helps NIP also. Surfinrn&mom2mason - what kind of positions have you used in public? I've found that if I use the "V" hold it helps the OALD too, esp when you can't use a special position.
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    to answer jennyjq8; I have been using the cradle hold, (but with me leaning back). Also when its really bad we use the Australian position- in this position, mom is lying on her back and baby is on top (facing down), tummy to tummy with mom. Things have been going a little better...he has not had any projectile vomiting, and I have not been giving him the zantac for almost a week now.

    wyattsmama so glad to hear that things are going better.

    thanks again everyone for the support, encouragement, and tips

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    Sorry if somebody else has mentioned this...I have a rambunctious little one who just learned to crawl, so I don't have time to read everybody's responses right now.

    I had alot of issues with OALD and Oversupply with my first baby. I still have it with baby #2, but I knew what to do on day one, so I never developed any big problems...just gulping and swimming in milk for a while. and didn't comfort nurse until he was several months old.

    Anyway, if you work outside the home, you may have the same problem I did with my first LO. I was only feeding LO from one breast per feeding when we were together, but when I pumped at work, I pumped both breasts, and at the same time when LO was getting a bottle, so I was actually increasing my supply beyond what he actually needed per day and messing with the supply and demand relationship. It took me until I quit my job when baby was 4.5 mos. old and me never pumping again to totally figure it out. I also produced so much milk that I would never empty either breast in a pumping session...in fact, after 10-12 min. of pumping...I often times filled one of the containers and had to switch during pumping...and had one other one that was mostly full. I still hadn't emptied the breast though, so most of what was ending up in LO's bottles was foremilk. WHich led to explosive green watery or mucousy poops! Pretty frightening when your on the other end of that diaper.

    If I had to do it over, I would have worked out some extra break time, pumped from just one breast per session if that was how much LO ate during a normal session, and make sure to mix the BM together if I got more than 1 container while pumping. I think that would have cleared up the problem just like it did a week after I stopped pumping completel and only nursed him directly as a SAHM.

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