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Thread: Mark on Breast from Pumping

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    Default Mark on Breast from Pumping

    I have started pumping this week, because I returned to work. After 5 days of pumping (3 times a day), my right breast developed a crescent shaped red mark less than a fingertip away from the nipple. It's sore.

    I don't know if the flange is too small or too big. My guess is too big?

    Anything I should put on this mark like lanolin cream or neosporin?


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    I got that, ignored it and it went away so I don't really have any advice but you aren't alone in having that happen.
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    You could try a different flange or could it be your placement of the shield? When I got a sore from pumping I would put lanolin on it.
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    I got one of those when I switched to those soft fit Medela shields. I did much better w/ the regular hard plastic ones. I always felt as though I was on the cusp of needing the smaller flange size; my actual nipples are kind of small, even though the girls themselves are rather, um, plentiful.

    I would use lanolin after pumping.
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