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Thread: Breastfeeding and Donating Blood

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    Default Breastfeeding and Donating Blood

    Before I got pregnant I donated blood all the time. Today I got a call for a donation and they said it was fine to donate while bfing... but I just wanted to check with someone else. Is it okay for me and for my baby??

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    Hi. I really don't know medically or not (you could ask your doctor first), but just wanted to say that I also always used to donate blood, but am going to wait until I'm done BFing to donate again. It just feels right to me to wait while I'm still providing all the nourishment for my DS.
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    I think somebody just posted a while back about this it might have gone to the 2nd page by now I'll try and find it and bump it up.
    I think the link they had said that it was unwise.
    I cann't remember now.

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