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Thread: Back from break, less milk?

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    Default Back from break, less milk?

    I just returned from a 2 week break from work and have pumped only about 16ozs a day when I would normally get around 19ozs. I changed the flanges thinking maybe they were worn out. Nothing. Drinking a ton of water. Nothing. I don't feel stressed much or anything... what gives? My DS is 8.5mo old

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    Are you a teacher that just finished Christmas break? I am and the exact same thing happened to me with my first son during Spring Break. With my second son, I made sure that I pumped over the breaks. I think our bodies just get out of whack with all nursing and not pumping. I would just say keep pumping and hopefully your body will catch back up. Maybe throw in a few extra pumping sessions over the weekend or pump a few extra minutes each pumping sessioin in order to catch up on the milk stash and to get your body back in gear. Hopefully you are back to pumping the regular amount soon.

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    This used to happen to me whenever we had long breaks or vacations. Supply was back to normal by day 3.

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    Around that age my supply took a hit d/t pregnancy, but also before that b/c he was eating more solids. He also went back to 4oz bottles from 5, so it ended up being okay. You can try to add an extra pumping session on weekend days if possible for the next couple of weeks if you start running short. How much EBM do you need for the day?
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    Hmmmmm, could be from eating more solids. It's been over a week now and still getting less. I have a HUGE stash in the freezer, so I am not too concerned about that. Pretty sure I'm not pregnant, my husband got a vasectomy 7 months ago. But I could always double check that. I tried to pay a bit more attention this weekend, and he did seem to go longer between nursing than I remembered. He eats 1, sometimes 2 'meals' a day, with some finger foods now. Just growing up I guess

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