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Thread: need help knowing what I will need

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    I would register for nursing pads (reusable are great) a support pillow nipple cream a few different types of bottles some storage bags and maybe the pump itself. You probably want to avoid pacifiers at first too they can also cause nipple confusion. The great thing about breastfeeding is you already have all the "equipment" you need. Congrats on your new baby!
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    Hi! I agree with the pps about the nursing pads and the nursing pillow. I had a boppy which I used for almost 3 months straight. For the pads, I would get both disposable and reusable to see which you prefer--I always soaked through the reusable ones really fast and soaked my shirts too, the disposables didnt do this as much. I used both. I also would recommend having 2 or 3 tubes of lansinoh cream/ointment for sore/tender nipples, this really helped me out with the pain. More than one is good so if you leave one in another room or misplace it you have a backup. Some clean inexpensive washcloths from the dollar store were good too--kept some damp ones in the freezer for engorgement pain, and then I had some that I could heat in the microwave for any blockages. Its nice to have new ones, so you know they haven't been previously used for cleaning the counters, etc.

    Toward the end of my pregnancy I got nursing tank tops from target, some of which I still use, since they were nice and comfy to have on hand for the first few weeks home (although I'm still using some of them ). Lastly I loved cloth diapers to use as spit-up cloths and for milk overspray/leaking milk, they are so wonderfully absorbent its easy to clean things up. I used to put one between the boppy and LO when she was drinking and it saved having to wash the boppy/my shirt/etc many times. Good luck with everything!
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    One thing I feel that every mama who intends to breastfeed should have is a good, safe, satisfying birth. Nursing can be challenging even when both mama and baby are well and strong, so imagine how hard it can be when that's not the case!

    Here are some birth resources I highly recommend:
    Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
    The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin
    Pushed by Jennifer Block
    ]The Business of Being Born
    Web resources-
    The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services
    The Unnecesarean blog
    Am I ready for induction? quiz from Childbirth.org
    The Birth Survey

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