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Thread: Check your pumps!

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    Default Check your pumps!

    OK, so I may be the only one with this dumb blonde (ok I'm a strawberry blonde, so I can make a blonde crack) moment, but for about two or three days my boob that's usually my fastest producer (both were putting out the same amt, just one faster then the other) suddenly started putting out a half to 3/4 of an ounce less then the other one. I was so disappointed, pumped that one for extra time etc. Suddenly in my frustrations I noticed a little extra noise, and started noticing the pull on my lacking breast wasn't as great. Hmmm... opened up the top of the pump and the little shell thingy wasn't on all the way.

    I figured I'd write about it here to remind everyone to check the pump. I check mine everytime now b/c I've lost my faith in it's ability to stay put lol!!!

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    Wow. Thanks for the suggestion actually. I have been having almost the same thing happening to me. It is very perplexing when the one that usually produces more, doesn't! I don't even know if I can "check mine". It's a pump in style (medela). What kind are you talking about?

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