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Thread: Letting the lagging left go?

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    Default Letting the lagging left go?

    Hi all,

    I'm in sort of a weird position and I thought I'd come to you wise ladies for advice. My (almost) 10 month old little girl has two bottom teeth broken fully through, and THREE coming in on top (oy). She also has chronic ear infections and has surgery for tubes scheduled in a few days. On top of her sleep going to heck she has been BITING me the past few days. Ouch.

    Truly, though, the biting is only on my left breast. I know that most women have a difference in production, but there is a HUGE difference from left to right. My right is my power producer, but I've never gotten above an ounce and a half on the left (I know that's within normal range for pumping, but I've never had a let-down on that side and DD has always had to work much harder to get milk out of it, and that ounce and a half is on a REALLY good day. Usually it's half an ounce to an ounce.)

    I think, with all that's going on, she doesn't have the patience to work to get the milk out on lefty and so finds it amusing to bite instead. I've tried all the tactics: telling her to "be gentle with mommy," telling her "no" in a much firmer tone, unlatching her and setting her down instead of continuing the nursing, and pulling her in when she bites--which was the biggest failure, as she clamped down harder and grinned at me. It appears to be a big game, and she truly doesn't seem to get that I'm not thrilled she's doing it.

    The past few nights I've been pumping on the left when she bites repeatedly instead of nursing (it's currently scabbed from the rough treatment) because I don't want to lose the supply there. When I pump at work, what little I get from the left is *just* enough to make it for her needs at daycare, so I'd like to not let it go completely. But I also don't want to have to pump every night in addition to pumping at work if I can help it.

    So, all that to ask a few questions:

    Can I continue to pump the left side (along with the right, obviously) at work in order to have enough to feed her the next day and just not worry about it when I get home, only nursing on the right (which seems to satisfy her just fine)? Or will that negatively effect my overall supply?

    Is there a chance this will pass as those other teeth finally break through? I'm just afraid now that she has the teeth her patience/willingness to put up with the slower flow is done.

    Do you have any other suggestions for dealing with the biting, since it hurts like Hades?

    Sorry for the long-winded nature of the post...I guess I have a lot of questions!

    Thanks for any advice you can give me!!

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    Default Re: Letting the lagging left go?

    I am wondering if she's biting when she's on the left side because it causes her more ear pain? There was a time when my DD had fluid sitting in her ears constantly, just before she got ear tubes... so I'm wondering if you DD is the same, and perhaps once she gets her ear tubes and gets the fluid out of there, maybe it won't hurt her to nurse on your left side?
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