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Thread: EP mom...sore nipples help!

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    Smile EP mom...sore nipples help!

    I have been EPing for about six weeks after nursing for almost 6 months (nursing strike). I have the PISA pump and had been using the 27 mm shields with good results then I began to experience some mild soreness I thought was a lubrication problem. So I started puting on lansinoh before pumping... Bad idea. Apparently that stuff is sticky. More soreness. Then I started using olive oil around the tunnel of the shields and it seemed to get a little better. Then all of a sudden more soreness! So I switched to the 30mm shields and still using the olive oil. I get better flow with the 27 mm and the 30mm it just seems like my nipples kinda swell up. I don't think I have the suction too high only about 1/4 the way up. Am I using the wrong size shields? What to do? Any suggestions?

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    Medela has images on their website so you can see if the shields are the right size. Have you looked at that?

    FWIW, I only pump at work. My nipples get more sore from that than nursing, which isn't bothersome to them at all generally. Are you interested on getting your Lo back the the breast? Kellymom has some good input on that. Sorry. I can't grab the link on my phone.

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    sometimes that happens to me too. Could you maybe have thrush or rynaulds going on?
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    I wish I had an answer for you. I have been an EP mom pretty much since the beginning and I've always had nipple issues. We don't have good support in my area so I've had to "wing it". I use different shields, depending on the day because my nipples swell and my output varies day by day. I have had redness and burning in my nipple tips - the only part of my nipples that don't rub in the shields and my doctors keep telling me that its normal. I wound up emailing an IBCLC with Medela who gave me some suggestions. Good luck finding an answer!
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    Thanks everyone! I didn't even think about thrush because I didn't really know what it was or how you got it. But i have all of the symptoms. Should I start treating with nystatin and boiling everything at night or do I need to see my OB?

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