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Thread: Safe cold medicines?

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    Unhappy Safe cold medicines?

    Any suggestions on safe cold medicines to take while breastfeeding, completely miserable here taking only advil.

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    Default Re: Safe cold medicines?

    I just over a cold myself. I drank lots of water, took vitamin c, and my prenatals. I hate cold meds. I don't know if they are safe or not. Try to get rest. That's the most important part. Hope you feel better.

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    My Thomas Hale book (Medications and Mother's Milk) says that Alavert is completely safe. Many other cold medicines are listed as "probably safe" but some are associated with reduced milk supply, especially Sudafed. All nasal sprays for decongestion are safe. If you want information about a specific medication, email me and I will look it up for you.

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    I tried to post before and don't know what happened to it

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