T is 14 months old and recently he's been more into drinking out of his cup (or mine when its empty) and would rather wake up and eat a cracker than nurse. Though he does finally give me all the signals and his little laugh/pout while pointing at my boobs, and he nurses for a bit.

I had originally had plans of nursing him til he was 2 and then deciding from there, but Im 8 weeks pregnant and chances are I will dry up and he won't be able to nurse (Though I do have dreams of him continuing to nurse, even if nothing is there and then tandem nurse T and the new babe.)

Anyway, this morning really made me wonder if he was already weaning himself. Ive been having terrible bouts of morning sickness and have crackers by me at all times and they just happen to be T's favorite crackers. He woke up this morning, gave me a huge smile and then proceeded to climb over me to the crackers where he ate some. He asked for some juice and then played for a bit, and then came to nurse. After he nursed, he found the cracker box again (Ive had to resort to hiding it or he'd eat them all.the.time.) ate a few more, asked for some more juice and is on his merry way playing with toys and the dog.

One night this week i so tried night weaning him and it failed miserably, but I'm glad. Hes been better with sleeping since then and ive been getting more sleep, but could that have started things?
I just feel he is too young to not nurse any more and I want to do anything in my power to keep it going, but im going into uncharted territory and need some advice.