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Thread: My Pump Is Talking To Me...

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    after watching "The Others", my pump was saying to me "we're not dead, we're not dead, we're not dead"
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*wilsonduo97 View Post
    Mine does too! It said today "way to pump - way to pump - way to pump" and "let down - let down - let down"

    Cheerleader pump!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*desertchildaz View Post
    Just a little humorous post....

    I swear my pump is talking to me. You know how sometimes when you're on a long drive, you look up at the sky and you find the shapes of things in the clouds...you might see an elephant, even though noone else sees an elephant in that cloud. Well, that's what is happening with my pump. It talks to me. Depending on the speed, it says something different. Yesterday, at work, I was pumping and it was saying "I don't like pork. I don't like pork. I don't like pork." The day before, it was saying "Oprah. Oprah. Oprah." I'm not kidding.

    Am I hearing voices or does anyone else share this experience? If so, what funny things has your pump been saying to you??

    LOL! Mine normally hums the tune stuck in my head (like all December it was singing Christmas songs). I definitely thought I was the only one! HAHA
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    I don't pump anymore but once I was sure my pump was saying "baby's butt, baby's butt" I can't believe there's now this thread about what pumps say

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