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Thread: Starting solids, a few concerns

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    1. I would wait until I knew baby was ready (I mean REALLY ready) for eating. I'm an on-demand BF'er. I will nurse him for 3 hours if he wanted to and whenever he wants to. So there's no issue of lack of supply or him not being offered BM. I swore I would wait until 7 or 8 mos to even consider feeding him anything other than BM. BUT as it turned out, 5 mos old he was RAVENOUSLY grabbing at whatever we were eating. He'd SCREAM as he watched us eat. So I constantly had to stop eating, BF him, then resume eating. ONLY to have him grabbing and screaming again. He is a very aggressive eater. SO I decided--it's time to start pureed foods.

    2. I discovered how easy it is to make home made baby foods. I bought some special little trays from Babies R Us which come with labels and individual little cup things. I bought some sweet potatoes, apples, and I had a pumpkin from Halloween. I baked the pumpkin, and steamed the apples/sweet potatoes. All I did was puree them in my Bullet, and voila! Baby food. I did add some of the water from the steaming pot to the puree to make it slightly more runny. It's WAYYYYYY cheaper and much more healthy to do it yourself. I shop our local farmer's market for most of my produce, and it's so awesome to NOT have to rely on people like Gerber to make our baby's foods.
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    I did the same thing. I would spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon each week making all the food he needed for that week ( and sometimes beyond if I misjudged the amounts ). Easy peasy. And we never did rice cereal, except sometimes I would use organic rice cereal to thicken purees that needed it - pears for example are quite watery.
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