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Thread: Excessive Pooping (or is there no such thing?)

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    Question Excessive Pooping (or is there no such thing?)

    My nearly 2 week old poops A LOT. Like 15 times a day. He's a great eater, has a great latch, pees frequently and is gaining weight like a champ, so everyone tells me he's fine. And maybe he is. But he's fussy and gassy and seems uncomfortable. I have an overabundance of milk (again, people tell me there's no such thing) and that leads to gulping and gagging, etc. I had been feeding on demand and he just didn't seem too happy. Today I tried to space him out, feeding every 3 hours, and he seems a lot more peaceful and comfortable. So.... even though they say you can't over-nurse, CAN you over-nurse? Do some babies need to slow down? Is he maybe getting too much foremilk? It seemed like he was in this cycle.... nurse, bloat, fuss, poop, fuss, nurse, bloat, and on and on. I want to keep my supply up and do what's best for the baby, but I'm wondering if we should keep spacing out the feedings.

    I nursed my daughter for 26 months. The pediatrician said she had reflux and put her on Zantac. I'm wondering if my son has reflux, too, or if neither of them have it and they simply nursed too frequently.


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    Hmmm if he wasn't getting enough hind milk the poop would be greenish. If he is gulping and gagging you may have overactive letdown which is different than oversupply. I don't think spacing the feedings is a good idea but I've never dealt with it, let me get you a link

    Also at that age my son pooped about 12 x a day, nothing wrong with it IMHO

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    with PP. The OS/OALD can be managed a bit, and can be cause reflux. DS2 has been on Zantac for a year and I think my OALD is the likely cause.

    As far as pooping DS1 pooped a lot too. One time we left him with my MIL for an hour and he pooped 5 times. As a 3 yo he is still very regular, he almost always poops twice a day.

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    Default Re: Excessive Pooping (or is there no such thing?)

    At 2 weeks old, there's no such thing as excessive pooping. Many babies move their bowels every time they nurse, because putting something in at the top of the digestive system stimulates them to move something out at the bottom. And a lot of them poop in between feedings, too!

    There's absolutely no way I'd stretch out feedings at just 2 weeks old. It's a ticket to lowered supply and possibly to a baby who isn't gaining enough weight. If you have oversupply and fast letdowns, there are better ways to manage the problem, like adopting different nursing positions to slow milk flow and, if the problem is significant enough, feeding on a single side per feeding and/or for several feedings in a row in order to reduce supply to a more manageable level and increase hindmilk intake. The latter approach is called block feeding, and it's something you want to do only if you really have oversupply. You can have a fast letdown and normal supply!

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    Default Re: Excessive Pooping (or is there no such thing?)

    Your baby sounds like mine! She poops a LOT during the day, but everything is the normal color and she's gaining weight so we're not concerned. She also gets quite gassy and uncomfortable sometimes. I don't know if I really have OALD but it sure does seem like it sometimes. The first doctor we saw told me to space out my feedings to every 3-4 hours but my baby just can't do that. The doctor yesterday said feeding her every 2 hours like I'm doing now is fine but he'd rather I went a litle longer for my sake. Well, I'm not worried about ME, I'm tryin to do what's best for my baby! So as long as she needs to eat every 2 hours that's what we'll do.

    I was trying to get her to nurse for longer each feeding, and I tried to get her on the other breast too, since that's what I was told to do. But I've found that she usually nurses for 10 minutes then she's done and if I try to force her to eat more she just cant handle it and I have a screaming baby on my hands! Also, be careful of the block nursing or whatever its called, where you nurse from only one side for a few feedings. I did that yesterday by accident (forgot which breast she nursed from the time before!) and ended up with a VERY engorged and painful breast. I tried to make up for it by having her nurse from just that one later that day, but I didn't get real relief until I pumped last night. I wo'nt be blocking again!

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