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    My 7 week old just started having greenish poop. It's not totally dark green it's more of a greenish/yellowish. I just started taking Dicloxacillin for mastitas and I wasn't sure if it would change the color of poop. I've read about baby's getting too much foremilk turning poop green so I was thinking maybe that's the problem. He's been nursing every 2-3 hours and I just started nursing mainly on one breast per feeding. Sometimes I use the other breast if he doesn't seem satisfied. Could that be the problem?

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    It's possible that the antibiotics are responsible for the change in poop color. It's also possible that excess foremilk intake is the problem, in which case feeding on just one breast per feeding, switching only when it seems like the baby really wants more, is a good way to fix the problem.

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    My LO had green poop when I was on an anti biotic for mastitis. Actually, I don't remember what I was taking, but it was really strong and we BOTH had a really bad reaction to it. Diarrhea for both of us. If he has been gaining weight and that him getting only foremilk has not been a concern prior to this, he's probably getting hind too and it's related to the anti biotics. Rest up and feel better soon!

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