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Thread: tounge tied.. need advise

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    my daughter is 7 weeks old and i went to see an LC today bec i have bad nipple pain when she nurses and afterwards.

    she told me that she is tounge tied on the top part of her mouth. She advised to get it clipped but my concern is how painful is it for her? Will she bleed? What if something goes wrong?

    I can only imagine someone snipping a piece of skin like that and it makes me cringe with pain. I really dont want her to be in so much pain

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    Default Re: tounge tied.. need advise

    also, are there any side effects?

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    Default Re: tounge tied.. need advise

    We had DS2's clipped when he was 4 days old. It was super easy, took 2 seconds and he got over it fast. Nursing was sooooo much better after having it done, I have no regrets.

    My DS1 was tongue tied too, we never had it done and I had to pump exclusively for him. Our ENT was considering cutting it when he was 2, and that would have been a bigger operation and he would have had to go under. I think it's best to do it early. My understanding is that it is a low risk operation if done early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*samiha View Post
    My understanding is that it is a low risk operation if done early.
    This is true. The "skin" is really kind of fibrous, not much to it, not much blood supply. There is a little bleeding that stops quickly. It's almost like cutting the skin next to your fingernails, not much feeling there.
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