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    I'm a 3rd time mum that b'fed my first two really well. Had my 3rd a week ago and he's smaller than the 1st 2 with a tiny mouth and I've realised I have extra large nipples.
    He's ripped them to shreds due to me not latching him on well, but my nipple alone is nearly the size of his tiny mouth. He shakes his head from side to side and won't open his mouth when I try to latch him, so it got to the point where I was hovering for half an hour trying to work up the courage to put him on and then screaming when I did. I have better and worse times (sometimes I don't scream) but its painful all the time.
    At some advice I've taken a couple days off to let my nipples heal/rest and giving him expressed milk, but all thats doing is making me cry every time I see him, don't know whether to keep him on a bottle til his mouth grows a bit or whether that will damage our bond even further. Will call a lactation counsellor today for some extra help too
    I'm using expressed milk for my nipples, lansinoh, tried shields but they make my nipples even bigger for his poor little mouth. Has anyone else had this problem? I just have trouble seeing a light at the end of the tunnel at the minute

    Just to add, that both nipples have chunks out of them (is that what you call cracks?) bubs has vomited up blood from my nipple, when finished I have lipstick nipples (the point comes up where the chunks are missing) The top of my nipples are light pink and raw and the slightest touch (even hair across my boobs) makes me jump in pain. I even have trouble just holding him to me. The pain is sharp razor blades and goes throughout the feeds, then my boobs just hurt afterward
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    Needles throughout your breasts or just on your nipples? Is it burning after you nurse? Large nipples and little mouth I would suggest trying a breast sandwich or "nipple sandwich" which I will gladly post a link later when I can get to my computer. You may need some hands on help. Call a local LLL Leader or see an IBCLC. You can continue to nurse while your nipples heal but you need to fix the latch so they will. Personally i think pumping is more damaging to nipples than nursing.

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    Has your baby been checked for tongue tie?
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    My LO was born with a small mouth too and I have pretty large nipples. Around 3 weeks it started to get better and I could really tell her mouth was growing. We've now been nursing for 11 weeks and I dont have any more pain. My nipples used to be painfully sore and everything made them hurt more - having a shirt on, the water from the shower, everything! I used tons of lanolin - took tylenol when it was really bad - and just kept working on the latch to try and keep it better. We didnt give a bottle till almost 4 weeks so I really suffered through it. I promise you it will get better very soon once your LO starts to grow more. Def try and get some local help too

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    I don't have any advise for you but I wanted to say good luck and hang in there! I have found that just having support really helps, even if you don't get a solution to your problem. ( :

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    Thankyou thankyou a million thankyous to all of you for your kind words and support. I just felt so alone with it, even though I know so many go through the same thing!

    Michelle, I googled the nipple sandwich and its really saved me, thankyou so much!!! I started trying it last night and fed all night and all of today. Had a set back this evening, but overall its been alot more successful so I can't thankyou enough!!!!

    Hi Faith, he was checked for tongue tie and got the all clear. I think he's just got a super tiny mouth (and Dr Evil hands that I find really hard to straighten out so they keep getting in the way) and he just plum refuses to open his little mouth up til he gets so worked up he starts screaming. Its frustrating us both at the moment, but we're making baby steps forward.

    Hi Jenny, thanks for the reassurance. I know his mouth will grow into my nipple size and he'll start to learn to open it up, its just so painful and frustrating waiting. I totally related to the pain aspect, thanks for making me feel not alone about it. I've had to walk around with no top on and shower with my back to the water!!

    And thanks mommy2claire. That was really sweet!

    Thanks all, you've given me a bit of personal power back to keep on going. And the nipple sandwich..... just amazing. Now just gotta work on getting him to open his mouth calmly!!!!

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