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I never leaked with either of my pregnancies, it's perfectly normal. As for meetings, they are helpful and encouraging, but if it's difficult to get to them you can get a lot of support and advice here as well! That's one of the great things about this forum, it's sort of like a 24-7 LLL meeting.

I also encourage you to look through some of the info mommal posted about inductions/big babies. You may have read it all before and come to this decision for yourself feeling the benefits outweigh the risks and if so, I totally respect that decision, but just in case you haven't I definitely recommend at least making yourself knowledgeable about the potential problems. Doctors won't always give you all the relevant information to make a decision. They tend to present induction as a risk-free procedure, but the truth is that there are risks and as a patient it is your right to know what they are before making your decision.
I also think many new moms don't consider that they have a say in whether they are induced or whether they have a natural birth...they expect that a doctor's directive is just that...a directive that is not their decision, as a patient, to make. I think many also feel that if their doctor is suggesting an induction, that it is because their doctor has considered the risks and deemed them significantly great to warrant an induction. (I'm skeptical though and often think they just want to get it over with.) At just under 40 weeks, our doctor suggested induction because our baby was small, I had Gestational Diabetes, and baby didn't appear to be thriving due to an "aged placenta"...but they left it up to us. We were adamantly against the induction but after talking with my GD counselor and understanding that their goal was to get baby out to nourish him, we agreed. But, the point is, that the decision was ultimately left up to us... Most don't realize that they can say 'no'...I did feel, however, that disagreeing might put us in an awkward position with the person delivering our child and it was too late to find someone else to do it. But that isn't why we ultimately made our choice. Believe me, I questioned my doctors every step of the way...that's my nature. I'm sure they hated having me question everything. In the end, everything worked out okay and immediately after delivery (and clean up) they popped that little guy onto my breast in the delivery room and he latched on just fine. (By the way, baby wasn't as small as they were expecting...we thought he was 5 lbs. and he ended up being 6 lbs. 10 oz.)