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Thread: New to breastfeeding-NEED HELP LATCHING!

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    My daughter was born on December 30th and since then she has been strictly breastfeeding. She is my first born, I am very new to breastfeeding. I have friends who are moms who all tell me that I will get the hang of breastfeeding and for the most part I have. I however, am having a hard time trying to get that "perfect latch." I have done some reading on this, saying it shouldn't hurt when she latches on, and have been told to either aim for the middle of her mouth or even try to aim for the top of her mouth. It hurts when she latches on and I have bloody and what looks to be the verge of cracked nipples. Are there any helpful tips out there that can help me find the easiest way to get my little one to latch on properly? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies!

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    Is there anyway you could schedule a hands-on consultation with an IBCLC? When it comes to latch problems, there is really nothing like some in-person, hands-on help. Or you could try calling your local LLL leader, or going to a local group. Seeing other babies latch on can be really helpful - so much more helpful than reading about it in books or here. It's really a kinesthetic and visual learning thing, you know?

    That said, we might be able to help you trouble shoot. Does your nipple look like a lipstick after nursing or it is elongated but symmetrical? Do you feel any burning or itching in your nipples when you aren't nursing? What are you doing to treat them?

    It's true - breastfeeding isn't supposed to hurt. But there are a bunch of reasons why it sometimes does in the first days. Sometimes a lot of damage can be done to the nipples in the first couple of days, and it becomes harder to figure out whether the latch is bad or if you're feeling pain from injury done early on, you know? Or you could have a case of thrush, which can make breastfeeding hurt really badly (toe-curling bad, I know!) even though your latch is perfect! Other causes of pain are a tongue-tie in your baby, Raynaud's syndrome, the list goes on. This is why hands-on help is so nice - a good LC will narrow that list down really quickly and help you get to the heart of the issue, you know?

    ETA: Oh, I see this is your first post! and congratulations on your first baby! I'm glad you found these forums.

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    with the PP. She gave excellent advice!

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