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Thread: Late night, great worry

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    Default Late night, great worry

    I am overtired, overstressed and at the end of my rope. After being with the baby all day long, especially on a day like today when she is particularly fussy, it's as if I can't really see clearly anymore, if that makes any sense. For example, I'll begin to think something is really wrong with her JUST because she's awake... When in reality, it's safe to assume that if there were any reason to be alarmed, it'd either be obvious or she'd be crying, right?

    Do any of you know what I mean here? I get so wrapped up in her care and so tired come this time of night, that I can't even seem to logically assume wether she's actually okay or not. She isn't crying right now, she isn't even whining or fussing, but I am SO afraid that she's sick or in pain or something just because she's still up and I can't figure out what's keeping her from sleeping.

    I think she's having her first session of clusterfeeding, I'm not sure exactly because we've never been through it before... But she's wanting to eat non-stop, literally every few minutes, she eats for a bit then lets go, then wants it back almost right away, and so on and so on. It's been like this for hours! She is acting like she's staaaarving as if all of a sudden she can't get full. Is this clusterfeeding?

    Oh I am at my wit's end here. I am so tired and so worried something's wrong with her because her behaviour is so different. She'll be 6 weeks old on the 22nd (Sunday.)
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    Default Re: Late night, great worry

    Hi mama! I hope today/tonight is going better for you - I just wanted to give you encouragement and a ((((hug)))) as well as a link to some cluster feeding information... Hope something there helps

    I would venture to say that if she is not acting as if she is in pain - she is most likely just fine! (oh ~ and remember I am not a medeical professional - I just play one on tv ) they change so very much in the first few...months~ well...years!!! Right when you think you've pegged a trait or pattern, they change it on you! so keep up the good mothering I am sure you're giving her and Good luck!!!! (and maybe you've got a growth spurt on your hands - shes at the prime age IIRC- the anecdotal rule for growth spurts is 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 motnhs, and 6 months!!! )

    but here's something I found on the kellymom site (on this page)
    Common growth spurt times in the early weeks are the first few days at home, 7 - 10 days, 2 - 3 weeks and 4 - 6 weeks.
    oh - and here's another on growth spurts.

    Can you try to sleep more with her when she does sleep??? I don't want to sound like a broken record - or give advice you can't follow due to other resraints - but it really helps. I have had to re-implement this tactic into our day again and DS is 4.5 mos. but I had to do it to stay sane... also is she crying or acting in pain when shes doing this>
    But she's wanting to eat non-stop, literally every few minutes, she eats for a bit then lets go, then wants it back almost right away, and so on and so on. It's been like this for hours! She is acting like she's staaaarving as if all of a sudden she can't get full. Is this clusterfeeding?
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    Default Re: Late night, great worry

    It does sound like a growth spurt to me. (although I am not an expert, just a first time mom) That time babies want to eat non-stop. There should be one around 6 weeks.
    I, too know what it feels like to stay up looooong hours w/ a baby, who just doesn`t seem to want to stop eating. My son has been doing it since week 2. (he is 7 weeks now) I`m not sure what it feels like to feed every 2 hours, b/c my baby pretty much spends his waking hours nursing. In your case it will probably be much shorter. 
    Hang in there

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    Default Re: Late night, great worry

    Just wanted to express my sympathy. I used to drive myself crazy trying to figure out what was "wrong" with my DD, especially when she was fussy while nursing and/or wouldn't sleep. Six weeks is a really tough time. I would cry a lot and obsess over whether she was getting enough to eat. It took us at least a few months to get past the rough part, so hang in there and know that soon you will feel more confident and things will get much easier. In my case I continued to get so upset and anxious that I ended up going on an antidepressant for postpartum depression. Just something to be aware of - if you really find that you can't enjoy your baby at all and you can't stop crying and worrying, you might want to talk to your doc. But in general it is normal to feel the way you feel at 6 weeks. My DD is four months now and we are blissfully happy!!!!!!!!!! So there is a light at the end of the tunnel. HUGS TO YOU!

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    Default Re: Late night, great worry

    Thank you so much, everybody, for your support!! I do still have a hard time trying to sleep during the day when she does, but luckily for me my DF ( ) took her for about two extra hours this morning while I caught up on some z's. He's such a good daddy.

    I was really, really stressed last night! I just get worried out of my head when I can't figure out what's wrong and I feel so bad for her and so helpless. I wish there were a pediatrician around all the time for me to show her behaviour and ask questions, but calling in the middle of the night and asking "why is she fussy and/or still up" would be kind of silly! There's no way my ped could help me there, haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Number3 View Post
    also is she crying or acting in pain when shes doing this>
    Sometimes she will fuss and cry a little (I do have OALD) but last night it was mostly acting full and finished, then realizing momentarily that she wasn't.

    The growth spurt seems to make sense!

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    Default Re: Late night, great worry

    It is obvious from your many posts that your are a very committed and loving mother who is very in tune to her baby's needs. As a new mother I can relate. You can easily make yourself a nervous wreck worrying about your little one and trying to figure out the connection between what they do and what they need and all the many ways you will influence her. I have struggled with this too, and still do, but I just try to stay relaxed as much as I can. I will be best when I am relaxed and happy and it will have the most positive effect on my dd. I don't want her to pick up on my constant anxiety! In my opinion, babies are very in tune to our emotions as well. You definitely need to relax and try to sleep when she sleeps. I had a hard time with this at first, then finally learned how, and now I miss the days when she napped more because I would definitely be sleeping more too! Here is my general rule- when my dd starts having new and unusual behaviors- I take a deep breath and decided to give it a few days and see what becomes of it. Most of the time, I realize that everything is fine. Remember, you are her mother- you will know if something is really wrong- and they are babies, changing every day. You can expect to be surprised every day. Don't worry! Take more time and enjoy that sweet baby girl! By the way, sounds like cluster feeding to me too.

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