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Thread: Pediatrician wants to force solids

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    So, IMHO: offer more often, have baby take part in your mealtimes, but no food "boot camp"! If she eats more solids, great. If she tastes them but doesn't swallow, still great: at least she tried. If she won't open her mouth and prefers to mush the solids around with her hands, still great: she had a fun learning experience that prepared her for more fun to come.
    Offer your baby food off of your plate more. Just because babies don't have teeth doesn't mean they can't handle a lot of kinds of table foods. At this age, Joe wasn't actually EATING a ton, but he was getting tastes of lots of different things, and then his EATING really picked up around 15 months, and now he will demand to be fed (open the fridge, pull out a block of cheese, and give it to you).

    I agree that swallowing doesn't really need to happen, yk? Playing with food is a legitimate way that babies learn to eat.

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    Agree with others - I'd provide more opportunities for baby to explore solids but NOT *force* her to eat. IME eating is a very social experience. Have baby sit at the table with you every time you eat. Have some foods available that are safe for baby to explore - pick up, play with, and try to eat.
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    Default Re: Pediatrician wants to force solids

    I would continue offering foods of a wide variety, off your plate. My DD (always on about 3-8% of the weight scale) never did eat what I'd consider an actual toddler meal until she was around 15 months and even then had days when she wasn't much for solids. She was a heavy nurser up until 2 yrs. and still BFs now at 3 yr. but is more of a solids eater (when it suits her - she is a typical toddler and will go a few days hardly eating then devour everything in sight a couple days later). I always offered food first but then would nurse her if she didn't eat anything.

    I also found my daughter is very picky and doesn't like to get her hands dirty while eating so foods like banana I had to cut up so she could eat them with a fork. She hates to eat foods like salted nuts that leave her hands dirty so we buy unsalted. She also has a tantrum any time her clothes or face get messy, so it's been a challenge with her.

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