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Thread: POLL: Thursh Paranoia - Time to give up sterilizing

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    Default POLL: Thursh Paranoia - Time to give up sterilizing

    So, I had what was "thrush" for nine longgggggg weeks when DD was 2-4 months. I did EVERYTHING under the sun for it. Long story short - I was in with over 30 days of gentian violet, GSE, etc. etc. etc. etc. I just stopped because I was having no pain. DD's tongue stayed a little white. But I just quit with all of the thrush treatment drama.

    So, with that drama I took to steralizing all of my pump parts (I'm a WOHM) every night with Medela Quick Clean bags (which I love for their ease, btw, and they kill thrush).

    Fast forward - My DD is over 10 months old. I'm still pumping at work and still sterilizing everything every night with the bags. I've not had an outbreak of "thrush" pain since. I nurse at home on demand.

    DD still has a pesky white tongue, but I have no pain. Would you stop using the sterilizing bags now? Maybe I should just use them once a week? Am I in over kill mode with my thrush paranoia?

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    Default Re: POLL: Thursh Paranoia - Time to give up sterilizing

    I sterilized once a week for the hell of it though I was lucky in that I got rid of the thrush before I had to pump (though it did mean I had no stash - just the first day at work's supply).

    It took me moths to stop taking GSE pills as a "precaution" though. I took a really low dose for a LONG time. I understand.
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