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Thread: I met with an old friend...(extended BF'ing)

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    Default I met with an old friend...(extended BF'ing)

    I'm visiting my ILs in So. Cal. right now (Long Beach area). We have some friends we knew years ago in Houston when DH & I were engaged. We haven't seen them in over 8 yr. now. They moved to Boston and now he works about a 1.5 hr. drive from here in CA. In the meantime, they've had 2 girls, now 6 & 4. When we met up with them, Jane told me she was still nursing her 4 yr. old! I've been starting to feel like the only extended BF'ing mom out there (my daughter Tessa is 3 & still nurses). How cool is that! I so wish we lived closer to them because their parenting style is very much like ours (AP, co-sleeping, etc.). Jane even homeschools her oldest, which is something I'm toying with when it comes to my daughter and she gets older. Why do they have to live so far away now?!

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    Default Re: I met with an old friend...(extended BF'ing)

    Hey there mama! It's good to "see" you.

    How nice to have her in your life again and a chance to get reaquainted with an old friend!
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    Default Re: I met with an old friend...(extended BF'ing)

    I know it always makes me feel so good when I don't have to defend nursing a toddler. My long time friend moved far far away 5 yrs ago but we still chat a lot and visit twice a year. She is the only friend of mine that I didn't meet through LLL that has the same parenting style...and I mean exactly the same not similar.

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