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Thread: Supply after stomach virus

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    Default Supply after stomach virus

    I had a terrible stomach bug and could not hold any fluids down for 24 hours. I already had a low supply before this and now it has tanked. I am worried dd is going to wean over this. Any suggestions. I am drinking water and Gatorade now. Dd is 16 months. Diapers are not very wet at all? Can I get my supply back? Dd will only nurse 4 times a day.

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    Default Re: Supply after stomach virus

    day or 2 and you should be making more milk.

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    Default Re: Supply after stomach virus

    we had a 24 hour stomach flu and it is awful. my supply was back in a couple of days, ds was also nursing extra because he was sick too.
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    We had the same thing, and DD was nursing like crazy casue she was sick too. It actually was painful casue I was so sick, but somehow we made it thru! I forced myself to drink gatorade, guess that helped!

    hope you feel better!
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    Default Re: Supply after stomach virus

    Yeah after stomach virus it can stay low a few days but should get back to where it was in a few days. Take care of yourself and try to get extra rest.
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    Default Re: Supply after stomach virus

    Ugh I had the same thing a few weeks ago. It was horrible. My kidneys ached!

    Drink lots of fluids, rest and try some oatmeal if you can tolerate it! It might take a couple days for your body to return to homeostasis but it will get there!
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