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Thread: Help latching on and feeding

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    My son was born 5 wks premature and i developed preclampsia. He was taken to the nicu because he was only 4 lbs so i wasn't able to see him for the first few days. I pumped and the nurses would take my colostrum and mix it with formula to feed him. He was only in the hospital for 6 days but i think he got too used to the bottle. I've tried nursing him everytime it's time to eat but when he does seem to latch on he will suck for a few times and then get mad and pull off of me. I've been feeding him my breastmilk exclusively in the bottle since he's come home. I just don't think i can keep up with the pumping before every feeding time just so he has enough, it's exhausting! He's going to be 4 weeks old in a couple of days and im really frustrated that we haven't gotten the hang of it by now. I don't know if he doesn't like the feeling of my nipple or the position i put him in or what? I'm just worried we'll get to the point of no return. Please help!

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    Have you tried pumping a little before nursing to get the milk flowing and then nursing? Sounds like he is used to the bottle flow. What bottle are you using? Make sure it's a slow/newborn flow nipple.
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    Oh, that's hard! It's not uncommon for babies to get used to the firm feeling of the bottle nipple and the constant flow of milk and to have trouble switching to the softer real nipple and the additional work that's required to keep the milk flowing.

    A board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) may be able to help you transition him to feeding at the breast. There are tools that may help, like nipple shields or a supplemental nursing system that provides pumped milk while the baby is nursing at the breast.

    Also, some moms find that their premature babies don't figure out how to nurse until they get near their due dates when they would have been full term. So if you can stick with it a bit longer and keep trying, he may start to get the idea in the next few weeks.

    I do recommend seeing an IBCLC though, and checking if there's an LLL group that meets near you. Nothing beats hands-on help and encouragement.

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