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Thread: need help!!!!

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    Default need help!!!!

    My LO is 6 weeks old now. Since day 1 we were having problems with latching.I was new to the pain, i could not handle it so for the first 2 weeks i was exclusively pumping and formula fed at least once or twice a day. and then after that I put her back on my breast, but I was in pain still. I've seen the LC to help me with positioning, it worked when she was helping me with latching however when the LC was gone and I have to do it on my own, latching was difficult again. My nipples were sore and there was blanching after the feeding. On top of this, I developed a blister on my right areola which doubles the pain. I went to the pediatrician and found out that my LO was a little bit tongue-tied, the ped clipped it, She also ruled out thrush. I thought since the tongue-tied is fixed it will be better. But I'm still in pain. Seen the LC again the 2nd time to help me with positioning again but this time LO would not latched correctly even with the LC's assistance. LC said LO needs to open her mouth wider and since her tongue was just clipped, I should give it time so she can stick out her tongue. It's been 3 days now and nothing seems to be helping. I am so desperate that I almost quit this morning. I am still in pain and I am so dependent on ibuprofen to at least ease out the pain a little bit.

    I am so stressed out and don't know what to do at this point.

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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    YOu have to just keep at it Mama. It will get better as her mouth gets bigger. But you MUST let her practice. The more bottle feeding you do the less time she gets to practice latching and sucking. And the less time you get to get your nipples used to being sucked on. It often DOES hurt in the beginning. I had excruciating pain on one side, the right side EVERY TIME he latched until he was about 4months old. And then it just went away. It also subsided signifigantly AFTER the initial latch. Breastfeeding take practice. No one knows how to do it at first. Not you or the baby. You must spend the days doing it. All day every day in the beginning. Don't give up. You were made to do this. But the more time you spend pumping and bottle feeding the less actual experience you to are getting. Breastfeed. As often as possible. Use Lanolin or Nipple butter before every feeding, and walk around without your top on letting your nipples air dry. You CAN DO THIS.

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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    Take a deep breath and try not to stress out too much.

    I commend you for "pushing through the pain" and for not giving up easily. One of the best pieces of advice I received was to "push through the pain" because it will be over and the benefits will far outweigh the difficult parts in the long run. My LO is 10 weeks old now and it doesn't ever even hurt anymore when he nurses.

    How long did the ped say it would take for your LO to recover from the clipping?

    Are you trying all positions? Which ones worked the best when you were meeting with the LC? Early on, the only position that I could get mine to latch was the football hold. Later, once we had latched quite a few times, I was able to get him to latch better using the cradle hold. I was extremely frustrated the first week or so because I couldn't seem to get him to latch well unless the LC was present. I was trying to be gentle but remember that my consultant forcefully pushed my baby to my breast and he SCREAMED and she literally smothered him with my breast and he screamed a muffled scream and I was ready to cry because I felt like we were traumatizing him but then he latched on and went about sucking. His screaming probably helped because it kept his mouth open wide! If your starts screaming or crying...take advantage of the opportunity and just SHOVE her face into your breast and see if she will take it. That's probably not the most popular advice, but it's worked for me quite often.

    Be patient. Try to be confident and have a positive attitude...sometimes it makes a world of difference. I'm sure it will happen.

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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    In the first few weeks my LO was not opening wide enough to latch on well either. I just learned to relax, let her cry and use that opportunity to get the breast in her mouth.

    I treated sore nipples with a ton of nipple cream and ice packs.

    It was difficult and clumsy but after a while she started opening wide and breastfeeding became fun!
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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    Hang in there, Mama! Often the problem is that a tiny baby has a tiny mouth, and it is therefore extremely difficult to achieve a perfect latch. It's like threading a needle. But babies grow fast, and a bigger mouth will be able to take a bigger, deeper "bite" of breast.

    Some questions for you:
    1. When do you have the most pain: at the beginning of a feeding, during a feeding, or after the feeding is over?
    2. When baby unlatches, what shape is your nipple? Is it elongated but symmetrical, like a pencil eraser, or elongated and asymmetrical, like a new lipstick?
    3. Is the pain you're experiencing more of a stabbing pain, or is it more burning?
    4. Any itching?
    5. Any changes in the skin of your areola or nipple? (Redness, pinkness, shininess, flakiness?)
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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    my son was tongue tied as well, which was fixed when he was 2 weeks old. but let me tell you, he destroyed my nipple before that. he's 6weeks old now, and my nipple is still trying to heal. it has a major crack, that opens up each time he nurses (or when i pump). i find that i have to switch between the football hold and the cradle hold to get some relief. it's major pain let me tell you. i've also posted on this forum to get advice on healing. i'm pretty sure i have my son latched properly. hang in there. people have said that it could take months to heal. don't give up!

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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    my ds2 was tongue tied. If I had not already nursed one baby, I would not have continued nursing ds2. It hurt so bad, but I knew that was not how nursing was supposed to be and that it was going to be fixed.
    Did the doctors or LC recommend anything to help your lo learn to stretch out his tongue?
    My ds was 5 months when his tongue was clipped so I am not sure if any of these tips will help with a lo as young as yours, but it is worth a try.
    If your lo mimics you, make faces at each other including sticking your tongue out. Make silly sounds with your tongue that involve thrusting your tongue outward. If your lo uses a paci or if you are giving a bottle, once your lo is latched on gently pull on the bottle or paci. You can do the same thing with your finger...let your lo latch onto your finger, then gently pull your finger out of his mouth.

    Here are some video clips with latching help from Dr. Jack Newman's website. They may be of some help.

    Hang in there. It will get better.
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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    I have throbbing pain during and even I'm not feeding but it's more painful in the beginning. I tried different positions and nothing works. My nipple is elongated and symmetrical but no changes in color. I think she latches better on my right breast but it's more painful than the left because of the blister on the areola. My LC advised me to massage her tongue before feeding so she'll learn to extend her tongue. The pain is mostly on where her lower jaw is positioned I also hear a clicking sound sometimes. I tried putting my finger in her mouth and I could feel that her tongue is behind her gums while sucking.

    Regarding the blister on the areola, should I stop breastfeeding on that side and just pump until it heals? I don't know how I got the blister. My OB said it could be just an irritation which I don't believe. Did anyone of you had it?

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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    BTY, I don't think I have cracked nipples it's just sore.

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    Default Re: need help!!!!

    I don't know from experience, but I've read other posts that mention milk blisters. I found a link about them - maybe this is what you're experiencing?


    Good Luck & Hang in there mama!

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