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Thread: Heading toward engorgement??? HELP!

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    I left the hospital with my preterm baby 10 days ago. He was struggling with breast feeding. So, with the help of the lactation consultants we decided to supplement with breast milk from the bottle. I would attempt to nurse, then pump and feed him with the bottle. Well, now we're home and he is nursing fine. HOWEVER, NO ONE told me that I should NOT pump after EVERY feeding! So I've been pumping for 15 minutes after EVERY feeding!!! Now I am worried about engorgement and making TOO MUCH milk! How can I avoid engorgement and all the struggles that come along with it??? PLease HELP!

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    Stop pumping so your body will adjust to making the proper amount of milk.
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    with the PP.

    If "just stopping" means you're still in significant discomfort after nursing, you can still express milk. Just pump or hand-express the absolute minimum needed to restore comfort. The more milk you leave in the breast, the faster your supply will decrease to a more tolerable level.

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    is baby removing milk well now?

    weaning from pumping should be slow. How much extra milk were you getting?
    WEre you using it all to suppliment or have you been storing some?

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    with pp slowly cut down on time pumping
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