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Thread: Thrush??

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    Post Thrush??

    I will be calling the doctor on monday but was wondering what you all thought....

    My nipples are killing me, they are super sore and hurt when my LO nurses. There is also a burning sensation throughout my breasts during and in between feedings.
    On my DD there are white patches inside her upper lip. Nothing on her cheeks or roof of mouth.
    We have had thrush before.... She had patches on her lips and a horrendous diaper rash! My nipples hurt every time there was a let down.

    Do you think its thrush??? Why does this keep happening?? I air out after every feeding and wash my nipples at least twice (not including showers)... How can I prevent it from happening again??

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    I'm sorry, but that does sound like thrush. I'm convinced I never really got rid of it. Here are some resources to help treat it. Be sure that everything that has come into contact with your breasts and your baby's mouth are disinfected. So all clothing, bras, nursing tanks, bottles, pump equipment, teethers, thermometers, anything you can think of. Keep in mind yeast will grow in moist, dark areas, so maybe washing your nipples a lot isn't a good idea. I would stay away from all breast pads, wear loose, cotton/breathable clothing and be sure your nipples stay dry. If you leak, change immediately. I hope you feel better soon!
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