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Thread: Please HELP me! Plugs for days

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    Default Please HELP me! Plugs for days

    Please help me! I've been through serious plugs in the past, but have always gotten them cleared in a couple of days. My DD injured my nipple on my right breast about a week ago and now I have had a plug in that breast for about 4 days. DD is nursing enough on that breast to keep it from getting to mastitis, but this HURTS! I am nursing with a heated rice sock.

    DD is 21 mo. and isn't nursing a whole lot anymore. Maybe 3 times a day. She's nursing inconsistently which has contributed to this problem. I've tried to encourage her to nurse extra and she just says "NO Mommy!"

    In the past when I've had plugs (and I've had A LOT) I've only successfully removed them about 3 times with the pump. Most pumping efforts with a plugs just make me feel like I've wasted a bunch of time and all I get are drops. My pump isn't at home right now. It is at work and I don't go back until Monday. I haven't pumped since May. Would my body even respond?

    Any advice? I've never successfully hand expressed. Usually it just results in hurt boob.


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    Default Re: Please HELP me! Plugs for days

    Ouch! How about a warm shower and massaging from behind the plug and slowly work toward the nipple, also when she does nurse is her chin pointing to the plug or you can dangle nurse where she lays down and you dangle over her, or some people have their SOs help get it out.

    That's what I can think of for now, good luck.
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    Default Re: Please HELP me! Plugs for days

    As a nursing mom with lots and lots of recurrent plugs (weekly , i've posted so many threads about them) I so feel your pain. I'll be back later with more suggestions but so far what seems to work best for me (:knocksonwood ) is to apply moist heat using an electric heating pad for as long as you can manage and then nurse right away when your breast is still warm. when it gets really bad I even have the pad on when sitting at the dinner table and lying down to rest.

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    Default Re: Please HELP me! Plugs for days

    Good advice from PPs. I second the idea of spending lots of time in a bath massaging.

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